For eight years, I have been visiting classrooms, school auditoriums, communphoto by Thales Gutckeity colleges, science museums, and science fairs conducting a hands-on workshop and giving talks to educate young students on their own neural sensory systems.  The workshop will be published within the next year and made freely available in English, German, French, Spanish, and potentially other languages, as well.

Activities include visual illusions, after-images, detecting the blind spot, two-point threshold, temperature adaptation, patellar reflex, vestibular networks, olfactory detection and identification test, sour taste reversal, and a visio-motor plasticity test.  photo by Pacific Ridge SchoolAdaptable from 75-150 minutes, every student presented with the workshop has enjoyed the experience.

I am also available for schoolwide assemblies and presentations to community organizations on the following topics: Introducation to Neuroscience, Adolescent Neural Development, Spinal Cord Injury, and Neuroscience and Ethics.

Please contact me at BrainBee2013@gmail.com to learn more or coordinate a workshop or presentation.

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